Welcome to "The China Chronicles", the story of two hapless English travellers who visited China for two weeks in the summer of 1999. The travellers were myself, Dave (author of the blog "The Plastic Mancunian") and my girlfriend and partner, Lisa. Also accompanying us were fear, excitement and a spirit of adventure that, quite frankly, surprised me.

I hope you enjoy it.


Here are some photos from our trip. Most of them were taken by Lisa who is a far, far better photographer than I am.

You can spot the one I took - Lisa's in it.

The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Guangzhou

A view from Moon Hill, Yangshuo.

Richard, our guide to Moon Hill

Dave, having just escaped the Dragon's Cave

Believe it or not - this is a hotel in Chongqing.
Somewhere on the Yangtze River

Somewhere else on the Yangtze River
The sun setting on the Yangtze River

Forbidden City
Forbidden City
Forbidden City
Dave, lost in the Forbidden City

I wouldn't want to meet the creature upon which this was modelled ...
...or this one
The Great Wall
Lisa, climbing the Great Wall
The Great Wall

Shanghai - an infant skyline.

So, this is how they clean the Pearl Tower. I shudder just thinking about it.

Dave, mulling over the trip in a Shanghai Bar.

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